Jim and Sara Januszka have dreamed of opening their own bagel shop for more than 19 years. After all, a bagel first brought the two together in Michigan.

The year was 1991. Jim was the co-owner of a bagel shop he and his sister opened in Ada, Michigan; a little section to the East of Grand Rapids. Every day, like clockwork, Sara would go into Jim’s shop after work to buy a bagel for her long drive home.

After six long weeks, Jim gained enough courage to ask Sara out on a date. In 1993, the couple married and Jim left the business so he could join the Army as a field artillery officer.

Jim, Sara and their five children have been stationed in Korea, Alaska, Japan, Kentucky, Oklahoma and Fort Hood. In 2002, the Januszkas bought a home in Harker Heights with the idea they would someday return to open a business after Jim retired from the Army. As Jim’s final days in the Army got nearer, the couple spent the last year planning and making their dream a reality.

Now a few years down the line, the couple has put in the time and work, and seen the results. Now in two locations - the original Harker Heights location and now a second location on Clear Creek Rd, Killeen - Bite the Bagel is still just as dedicated to providing fresh, delicious and health concious choices as they were the day they opened.  We are dedicated to serving the community and pride ourselves on providing a clean, friendly atmosphere that fosters customer trust and loyalty.