Here at Bite the Bagel we're dedicated to providing the highest quality food we can. To achieve this, all our bagels and breads are baked fresh daily. Coupled with this, we also partner with Boar's Head to provide you with the absolute best quality deli meats avaliable, at the most affordable price in town. 

A deli sandwich is good, but sometimes you just need an old fashioned bagel with cream cheese! Here at Bite the Bagel, we use the Philadelphia cream cheese brand as a base to make our delicious, specialty spreads. Every day, we whip the base in order to make it as smooth and creamy as possible, and then add fresh, custom ingredients to create all of the specialty flavors that our customers have come to know and love. For those who want to try something a bit different, or those who are lactose intolerant, we also serve fresh, homemade peanut butter. Like our cream cheese, this is made daily with only the finest of ingredients, and served directly to you.

Along with our premium deli sandwiches and specialty spreads, we also serve gourmet, locally roasted coffee. Partnered with Austin Roasting Company and Coca-Cola, and using only the finest ingredients and flavors - Monin and Ghirardelli - we happily provide our customers with an exceptional variety of espresso based beverages and cool, refreshing soft drinks. 

 No matter what you decide on, we guarantee it will always be fresh and delicious!